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EPS is active in the maritime sector with  complete, pre-tested, plug & play pump systems for inland navigation, complete systems for coastal and seagoing shipping and complex pump systems for high temperature asphalt/bitumen tankers.




• Pumps are always in stock
• Exchange pumps can be delivered from stock
• A database which includes technical drawings of all leading brands
• On-site repair and service at all European harbours
• Harbour service in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam
• Cool water and fire fighting pumps can immediately be delivered from stock

Test Installation EPS

EPS expands service with test installation

The need to test pump systems is increasing. EPS provides it with a new test system.

Pump systems become more complex, customers are demanding innovative solutions tailored to their practical situation. Since the systems supplied by EPS on customer requirements are made, each system is unique.

To ensure that customers get a working pump, EPS has built a test installation in their own workshop, where pumps combined with the drive and control, such as frequency converters or diesel drive, can be tested under real conditions.

The reason for the test installation is that we want to avoid unforeseen circumstances, says Ruud van Oosten, sales engineer of EPS. "With this FAT testing EPS can imitate the actual situation, so that the installations haven't to go through complicated setup procedures once they are on site. The quality of pumps and pump systems is herewith guaranteed.


The installation can feed the pumps with water through a 16" circulation loop. The diameter determines the maximum capacity of the pump or pumps that have to be tested, explanes Van Oosten.