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EPS is an independent Dutch organisation which supplies total pump system installations throughout the world for industrial purposes, the petro-chemical industry, the offshore and the maritime sector. EPS meets the highest quality requirements and supplies top quality components, including the pump brand ITT Bornemann and ITT Goulds

EPS works in accordance with its own turnkey concept in order to keep the pump installation operational and to perfectly adapt it in line with the customer’s other processes. Drive systems and industrial automation for monitoring and maintaining the pump systems supplied by EPS, but also for existing installations supplied by third parties and upgrades, are developed in-house.

It goes without saying that sales, support and service are all embedded within the EPS organisation.

Customers can benefit from tremendous cost savings as EPS supplies projects turnkey and on site. The installations supplied by EPS are energy efficient and always comply with the latest environmental quality
standards. EPS supplies total solutions anywhere where pumps have to operate in a fault-free environment: from oil wells in the upstream to the downstream processing and storage as well as in the maritime sector; EPS has been the established discussion partner for years.

EPS’ headquarters are centrally located in the Europoort area. EPS has been operating in its current structure since 1999 and works for major customers in Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East. The pump systems knowhow built up over many years is successfully deployed for multinational enterprises such as Argos Oil, Vopak, Shell, Vitol, DSM, NAM, Stolt Nielsen, Unibarge, Verenigde Tankrederij and many other leading companies.


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